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Space Coast Tutoring

Tutoring Services

Each tutoring session includes your choice of 30 - 60 minutes with a tutor. Moreover, we will provided unlimited contact with your tutor at any time. 

Sessions take place in a neutral convenient site such as the local library or coffee shop. We do require that a guardian be present for tutoring with students. After each lesson, we will provide a recap that goes over the material was covered, any issues, and opportunities and suggestions from the tutor. These tutoring summaries aid as a vital tool to track student progress.

Individual Tutoring

Allow us to help your student deal with difficult coursework, schoolwork and homework efficiently and effectively. We'll work through real scenarios, subjects and homework assignments. In addition, we will identify if any learning gaps exist from previous studies and recommend outside/additional problems and ideas to patch up the holes.

Single Session Meeting Options: 

Option 1: 60 minutes - $40/session

Option 2: 30 minutes - $20/session

Current Subjects:

Mathematics, Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Comprehension, Science, all Elementary Education (Pre-K through 3rd)

Package Session Meeting Options:

Option 1: Four, 60 minute sessions - $150 ($37.50/each, $10 savings)

Option 2: Four, 30 minute sessions - $75 ($18.75/each, $5 savings)

Small Group Lessons

Tutoring sessions held with more than one student (maximum 4). We require that all students are studying the same subject at about the same learning level.

Single Session Meeting Options

Option 1: 60 minutes - $40/session

Option 2: 30 minutes - $20/session