Space Coast Tutoring, LLC

   Space Coast Tutoring, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


What makes your company different?

We are locally owned and founded and we are passionate about helping kids learn and succeed! The role of our tutors is to understand your students’ learning needs and serve as a resource to help them achieve the results both you and they want. Each student is unique, and we believe that with our approach each student can achieve ongoing success.

Who are your tutors?

Our tutors are previous or current teachers. All tutors undergo an extensive interview process. Our tutors are the best in around! 

What can I expect while working with a tutor?

Each tutoring session includes 30 - 60 minutes with a tutor as well as unlimited contact with your tutor afterwards. After each lesson, we will provide a recap that goes over the material was covered, any issues, and opportunities and suggestions from the tutor. These tutoring summaries aid as a vital metric to track student progress.

Where do you hold lessons?

Sessions take place in a neutral convenient location such as the local library or coffee shop. We do require that a guardian be present for tutoring with students.

How often do we meet with a tutor?

The frequency of sessions is completely up to you. Results have shown that most of our students benefit from meeting two times a week initially, then transitioning to one day a week, before transitioning to an as needed basis.

How much do lessons cost? What is included?

Check out our Service Menu for more information! We also sell packages of lessons (best deal!!!!)!

What ages and subjects do you cover?

We work with students of all ages, from Pre-K through 12th Grade, in all all including mathematics, grammar, spelling, reading, comprehension, and science subjects. 

How do I sign up?

Send us an email or call us today! We look forward to working with you soon.